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The Company

Keyomz Enterprises Limited is a core Sales and Distribution solutions Deployment Company incorporated in January, 2013 with core interest in providing/deploying sales and distribution services in communications, power, and food/beverages. A channel partner with telecommunication brand in rendering customer care service and retail solution. We are also fully engaged in provision of services for telecommunication in the area of biometrics data collection.

Our focus is to build and grow a sustainable business empire that will generate thousands of employment to Nigerian by:

Creating a unique brand, partner with established brands, and develop a platform that will encourage us to franchising with established international brands, offer competitive advantage in terms of product /service delivery and to exploit every opportunity within our reach.

Our core competence lies in offering quality products and exceptional quality services for organization and individual

Our Vision… To build a Pan African and leading enterprise with the largest retail network, offering quality goods and services

Our Mission… Our mission is to offer quality products and services that will guarantee high level of satisfaction and to deploy our retail solutions across the country that will ensure product visibility and accessibility for Nigerians convenience.

Our Strength: What makes us outstanding is the proficiency in our service and products delivery to our esteemed customers and application of integrity and commitment to our business. Our staff comprises of passionate and dynamic people who operate with the best practice in providing excellent customer satisfaction and service delivery.

Our Scope: Our scope of coverage is Pan Africa

Our offering….. We offer Sales and Distribution services, Customer Service, Direct Marketing, Merchandizing and consultancy service in the following industries:

  • Communication
  • Power
  • FMCG

The following are the offerings of Keyomz

  • Retail shops management, partner with Etisalat and Airtel
  • Phones and accessories from genuine and reliable source
  • Biometrics data collection (sim registration) with various networks
  • Sales and distribution of airtime both vouchers, Etop-up  and Epins
  • Customer care management
  • sales of lines and retrieval of lost lines
  • Data components/devices such as modems and MIFI
  • Monthly recharge of companies CUG lines, data and airtime
  • Merchandizing
  • Marketing consultancy service

In view of the importance of power to any economy and the present power challenges in Nigeria, we presently market household solar energy solution.

Keyomz is ready and willing to partner with companies in this sector for Sales and Distribution solutions of FCMG products across the country. We are ready to deploy an integrated Sales and Distribution solutions for organizations not ready to face the hurdle of distribution of products across the country.

Who We Are

Our approach:  Our approach is geared towards customer acquisition , impeccable customer management,  service delivery and customer retention which we plan to drive through operational excellence by offering qualitative products and unrivalled customer service that will leave a foot print and make people believe in us.

Our target Audiences: Individual, corporate clients and Retailers.

Our People: we have created an atmosphere that will encourage a secured and enabling environment to work, while committing to give utmost satisfaction to our customers and also to add value to our business.

At Keyomz we are committed, dedicated, and vibrant. Our vision is to build a Pan African business empire that we create employment for thousands of Nigerians; this has informed and strengthens our commitment, thinking, attitude, values and our pragmatic spirit. We believe our staff has a key role to play in our success that is why we continually motivate them so that they can maximize their effectiveness.

Come and experience the spirit of enterprise


Our Values:  Integrity, commitment, reliability, customer satisfaction, Efficiency & Friendliness

Integrity– Keyomz enterprises Limited has been known to be a reputable organization that is transparent in all its dealings.

Commitment – Our team are passionate, dedicated vibrant and committed people that imbibe the spirit of togetherness who operates with the best practice of providing excellent customer satisfaction and service delivery and also eager to pursue opportunities within our reach.

Reliability- Our word is our bond.  We create a secured and enabling environment for our staff while committing to give utmost satisfaction to our customers and also to add value to our business.

Efficiency and friendliness– At Keyomz we imbibe spirit of togetherness both to our staff and customers. What makes us unique is the ability to apply our professionalism and skills to give our customers exceptional quality customer care service to guarantee utmost satisfaction that will leave a long lasting and significant impact.

Customer satisfaction:  Customer satisfaction is the social and economic justification of the existence of Keyomz. Our customers are the reason for being in business; our operation revolves round them that is why we place our customers at the very edge of our priority. Our full circle customer focused is designed to attract customers in most desirable environment.  Customer satisfaction is our watch word.

Come and experience the spirit of enterprise.

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